artsCape, Byron Bay, NSW 2010

artsCape Biennial is an exhibition of environmental sculpture situated within the beautiful beachside parklands in the heart of Byron Bay.

'Shoreline' is a series of mobiles, comprised of one free standing mobile and three mobiles suspended from casuarina trees in Clarkes Beach Reserve, Byron Bay. The mobiles are made from silicon bronze, 12mm thick copper wire and recycled copper. The base of the free standing mobile is made from a one inch thick steel plate and an arc of 12mm thick copper wire from which the mobile is suspended.

This body of work has been inspired in part by the challenge presented by artsCape – that of creating a sculpture that will be robust enough to withstand the elements and also a response to the coastal environment of Clarkes Beach Reserve. I have chosen to use of heavy gage copper wire so that the sculptures can cope with the wind, and have not filled in the 'leaves' with a solid piece of copper in order to reduce windage – the mobiles will move, but this will be a gentle and controlled movement.

The mobiles looked beautiful viewed against the sea and sky.

Shoreline VII  by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • Bronze
  • copper


  • Artscape

Photograph by: 

Jade Oakley




40 x 30cm


Available to purchase. Please contact the artist.