Up Lands

My most recent mobiles are inspired by paintings in my diaries. I have taken the colours and textures of these remembered landscapes and re-painted them onto hand made Japanese paper, then cut them up and assembled the paintings into mobiles. It feels like taking an armful of the landscape and tossing it into the air, so I have called the exhibition ‘Up Lands’.

Working from the diaries has also freed me up to use much bolder colours than I have previously used, even black. Some of the places I am referencing have a very vivid palette, such as the coral coloured sand dunes of the Kimberley coast, or the otherworldly islands of red stones off the Pilbara in Western Australia. I have also concentrated on the sculptural form of the mobiles, with the form of the mobiles often echoing shapes within the landscape that I am working from.

‘Up Lands’ is to be exhibited in Australian Galleries at Glenmore Road in Sydney from 1st – 18th December 2011.

Flying foam passage (detail) 3 by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • gouache
  • polyurethane resin
  • stainless steel wire

art discipline: 

  • mobile


  • Up Lands

Photograph by: 

Anthony Pearse




110 x 117cm