Sculpture at Sawmillers

Sculpture at Sawmillers was an exhibition of sculptures on the foreshore of Sawmillers Reserve in North Sydney in 2010. I exhibited Shoreline I, a is a free standing mobile made from phosphor bronze, silicon bronze, copper wire and recycled copper. The base is made from two layers of one inch thick steel plate 40cm x 40cm. The mobile is suspended from an arc of 12cm thick phosphor bronze.

This artwork has been inspired in part by the challenge presented by Sculpture at Sawmillers – that of creating a sculpture that was robust enough to withstand the elements and also a response to the coastal environment of Sawmillers Reserve. I have chosen to use heavy gauge copper wire so that the sculpture can cope with the wind, and I have not filled in the ‘leaves’ with a solid piece of copper in order to reduce windage – so that the mobile moved in a gentle and controlled way.

Shoreline I at Sawmillers (detail 1) by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • Bronze
  • copper

art discipline: 

  • mobile


  • Sculpture at Sawmillers

Photograph by: 

Anthony Pearse




174 x 234 x 148


Sawmillers Reserve Sydney