tipping point

Tipping Point was an exhibition of mobiles at Mori Gallery. The exhibition contained over 40 mobiles made from galvanized steel wire, paper and found objects. The mobiles ranged from pieces as small as jewellery to large mobiles 3m long.

When making a mobile, each element is ‘pushed’ to the point where it is most unstable, and most beautiful. Only when the elements have reached their ‘tipping point’ does the mobile take on a kind of magic - a sense of effortless levitation in space. Tipping Point is inspired by Mallacoota, a landscape of remote bushland and wild beaches, rivers that flow black with tannin and treasures found on a wild coast. It is a fragile environment. There are invisible forces that balance our natural world. Perhaps we have brought our earth to a ‘tipping point’ too.

Angophora I (detail) by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • galvanized steel wire
  • gouache
  • paper

art discipline: 

  • mobile


  • tipping point

Photograph by: 

Nick Bowers




1400 x 600 x 600mm


private collection