Bundanon Artists Centre

I was an Artist in Residence at Bundanon Artists Centre in 2000. This was a seminal experience for me, working for the first time alongside established, professional artists in the inspiring grounds of Bundanon. I drew my inspiration from the landscape and the Shoalhaven River, and from long walks in the bush. I made installations that I suspended above the river, using rocks, ropes and pulleys, wading through the water and climbing trees on the river banks. The installations were animated by breezes travelling up the river, and reflected in the dark water of the Shoalhaven River.

Dragon and Reflection by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • denier
  • dowel
  • fishing line
  • rope
  • stone

art discipline: 

  • installation
  • land art


  • Bundanon Artists Centre

Photograph by: 

Penny Tweedie




2000 x 2000 x 6000mm


Shoalhaven River