Noosa Regional Gallery

Sound Waves was the result of a collaboration between myself and composer, Kate Moore in 2001. A series of sails made from organza were attached to a submerged hull and tethered to unseen anchor points. Found objects were attached to the hulls, with sinkers on fishing line creating ‘music’. The ‘boats’ sailed back and forth on their tethers.

Sound Waves was part of The Floating Land Project, a programme of site specific sculptures organised by Noosa Regional Gallery. Artists from Australia and around the world were selected to take part.

Sound Waves by Jade Oakley artwork image

art materials: 

  • fibreglass rods
  • found objects
  • organza

art discipline: 

  • installation
  • land art


  • Noosa Regional Gallery




dimensions variable


The Floating Land programme for Noosa Regional Gallery