Constellation is a series of mobiles commissioned by Westfield Miranda, made from electroplated aluminium and stainless steel. The mobile elements have been perforated so that one edge appears to dissolve into the light. Adding to the flashes of natural light through the perforations are twinkles of hundreds of crystals installed underneath the elements. The electroplating has been done lovingly by hand, with each element bearing a different tone of aged brass. The mobiles are installed in the large voids between levels of the shopping center, and they drift slowly in the air, catching air currents and reflecting light.

Location: Westfield Miranda, Sydney
Art discipline: mobile
Materials: electroplated aluminium, stainless steel, Swarovski crystals
Commission: Constellation
Dimensions: 10000mm(h) x 5000mm(w) x 25000mm(d)
Photography by: Carolyn Price