6 mobiles, made from hand forged stainless steel, which has been coated in Axolotl copper verdigris. Each leaf is embellished with hand woven copper wire.

The six Mallee mobiles are installed in a long, narrow void between two buildings. The mobiles are suspended outside the windows of the acute care ward to provide the patients with an opportunity for contemplation.

I was inspired by a quiet contemplation of the bush. The movement of leaves, sunlight through the trees and the meditative observation of nature. The mobiles are an abstraction of the Tingiringi gum, which is a Mallee tree native to the Bendigo area. The botanical subject matter is appropriate for a healing environment. The slow, gentle movement of the mobiles and the visual harmony of the composition create a sense of peace. The materials are chosen to accentuate and work with the natural light, the mobiles themselves designed to respond to the movement of air within the void. I have hand woven copper into the mobile ‘leaves’.

Location: Bendigo Hospital
Art discipline: installation, mobile
Commission: Mallee
Dimensions: 6 mobiles; 1400mm x 1400mm - 1000 x 1000mm
Date: 2017