Vine is a 5 storey high mobile for a void commissioned for Westfield Miranda.

The void is a busy space, with crowds of people moving about on travellators, escalators and along the galleries of 5 levels of shopping. Architecturally and visually there is a lot happening in this space already.

Vine is a mobile with a restrained composition, a simple spiral that swells from its tiny base to 6m width, then tapers to a delicate series of arabesques and tiny leaves at the top.

Visitors will view the sculpture at its delicate top as they descend the travellators then engage more closely with it from lower levels as the leaves become larger and closer to the balcony areas.

The leaves have LED lights installed in them so that from below the whole mobile is animated, not just by the air currents within the center but also by flickering, glowing lights.

Location: Westfield Miranda, Sydney
Art discipline: mobile
Materials: LED lights, perforated aluminium , stainless steel
Commission: Vine
Dimensions: 17000mm(w) x 6000mm(h)
Photography by: Carolyn Price