It is surprising that for a building made of stone and steel, the most striking impression upon entering the wintergarden is of light and air.

I strove to achieve a sense of lightness in this mobile. The design of the mobile echoes the splayed feathers of a bird’s wing or the shape of vine, fern, water and shell through pattern, repetition and variation of form.

In this light-filled, sun-blasted space the mobile must maximise the potential for natural illumination. As sunlight shines through a glass ceiling far above, the translucent mobile ‘elements’ are illuminated like a stained glass window. The mobile is an abstracted reference to palm flowers, which are bundles of cascading tendrils of yellow, pink, light green and delicate purple.

In a playful way the mobile extends through the very window of the pergola, in a visual game with the building itself. This creates a sense of integration between the building and the artwork; rather than the artwork being ‘plonked’ in the space, the artwork is in conversation with its environment. This mobile is an acrobat, balanced balletic upon a single point. The deliberately oversized loops of the balance fittings between the cross pieces reference this association. The mobile carries a sense of the impossible; a small mobile in the pergola balances a much larger mobile in the atrium.

Location: Wintergarden building Sydney
Art discipline: sculpture
Commission: Wintergarden
Dimensions: 8000mm(h) x 6000mm(w) x 19000mm(d)
Date: 2016
Photography by: Carolyn Price