Location: Westfield Miranda, Sydney
Dimensions: 2200mm(h) x 1200mm(w)


bronze coating, cast concrete, mild steel

Photography: Carolyn Price Photography

The Bound sculptures were commissioned for Westfield Miranda. My creative process began with a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I sat on the ground and made detailed sketches of the pattern of leaf veins. I painted over these sketches with a fine brush and ink so that the lines would be calligraphic. The leaves were laser cut in 5mm thick mild steel. I worked with a blacksmith, Lok Sutherland to bring the flat, heavy steel to life, curving it into beautiful, poetic forms.

The ‘leaves’ are attached to a bound stone made from cast concrete. The leaf and the base are in a kind of balanced dance, the pebble appearing to nearly topple, and the leaf bends back to keep it poised in place.