Location: Coroners Court of NSW


Stainless steel, thermoformed plastic with nickel applied to painted surface

Photography: Carolyn Price Photography

Lidcome is surrounded on three sides by rivers; the Duck River and the Parramatta River. These rivers are tidal, lined with mangroves and connected to Sydney Harbour.

Mangrove represents resilience, shelter and balance.

Mangroves are resilient trees, able to tolerate huge variations in salinity and temperature, coping with being flooded with sea water, living in waterlogged mud. Mangroves also shelter forms of life, providing a habitat for insects, crabs, molluscs and fish. Mangrove forests protect coastlines from erosion and storm damage.

The elements and cross pieces of the Mangrove Mobile balance from one to the next. Each element relies on the cross piece above and below it to maintain balance. Translucent ‘leaves’ give the sculpture a sense of lightness, and catch the afternoon sunlight.

Mangrove moves slowly and gracefully in response to gentle air currents within the void. This gentle movement creates a sense of peace and a meditative experience for the viewer.