Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Location: Lachlans Line, Macquarie Park, Sydney
Dimensions: 19m long
Client: Greenland Australia


22 hand cast concrete stones, slumped glass

Photography: Silversalt Photography

Skipping Stones is inspired by the Lane Cove River. This is an artwork that invites play, interaction and thought.

Skipping Stones is an installation of 22 stones made from cast concrete. The stones vary in size from 300mm long to 1500mm long. Ochres have been hand mixed into the concrete during pouring, so that the surface of the stones is marked with subtle swirls of colour reminiscent of the nearby sandstone cliffs. My sketches from the river have been etched into the surface of the stones.

Meandering gracefully through the stones is a concrete ‘river’ with smooth, rounded banks as though carved by the water that flows gently along it. Beneath each stone is a halo of slumped, textured glass. Each glass panel is edge lit and programmed so that the lights turn on and fade slowly away in a pattern inspired by the first heavy drops of rain at the start of a summer storm.