Location: Ku-Ring Gai Hospital Sydney


Marblo, stainless steel wire

Photography: Carolyn Price Photography

I grew up near Ku ring Gai hospital, and in fact was born there. For this artwork I was inspired by memories of my childhood in Kenthurst. We would climb remote cliffs to come across ridge tops adorned with masses of blooms; baronia, wattle, tea tree, flannel flowers. These mobiles contain the joy of childhood discovery – the bottled sunshine of a happy childhood.

The ‘elements’ depict a multitude of small wattle ‘blossoms’ as though an armful of flowers has been tossed up into the air. The theme of springtime and the botanical subject matter are appropriate for a healing environment. The slow, gentle movement of the mobiles and the visual harmony of the composition create a sense of peace. The materials are chosen to accentuate and work with the natural light, the mobiles themselves designed to respond to the movement of air within the atrium.